Tuesday, January 31, 2012

play with me this February!!

I have been thinking a lot lately about new item and products and sales pretty much all that good stuff and I have come up with a wonderful idea. One product in my shop will be listed here on my blog only for a half off price. I plan to have a link on here that goes right to that one item and you can get it for that price that day only and only that one item will be that price. Once it is gone I will not relist it. Game over for that day. So starting in the month of February every Thursday I will list an item and post it on here for half off. Look for that post around noon. Good luck to everyone that plans to play! This is a test to see how good this works out. I might plan to do this again – we will see how this month goes J

The pictures above are just some idea's I had in mind. It may or may not be those items I list. All shipping will stay the same for the item. discounts (other than the half off) will not apply.

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