Friday, March 30, 2012

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Angel Cowl

Reese Cowl
Sock Monkey blanket
 Arctic Snuggler
Best blanket ever

Quad sponges

biggest crazy balls

big crazy balls

Zoe Wrist Warmers

River Rocks

Zoe Cowl

I have been thinking for awhile now that I should be selling some of my patterns. Any ideas on what you would want to make?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Turning This into That!

I found this fabric and I can't wait to turn this fabric into that chair!!

Anybody have any ideas on what to stuff this with? I was thinking pillows, comforter, maybe finding a place that does custom cushions?  

I did not take any of these pic's. The fabric is from the stores website and the chair is from fb. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

What dreams are made of.

To make your own custom yarn is a sign of a true creative mind. With all the colors available now days you can get over whelmed, not me! Think outside the box and draw your ideas from all over. People have knit with yarn, roving, bed sheets, and even rope. But I have never seen anyone knit with fleece until I tried it myself. Go ahead and try to google “knitting with fleece” or “knitting with fleece fabric” look in the image section, go on I’ll wait…. Yeah, nothing comes up.
I have fleece blankets I keep around my house for Lucky to lay on, he likes to paw at it getting it to have just the right lumps before he snuggles in for a nap, I don’t give him too many chances to paw up a nice knit or crochet blanket.
Anyway back on track, fleece is warm, snuggly, durable – when I say that I mean “seem to last forever”, and comes in so many colors like yarn does. After testing so many different widths with the fleece and getting the right size needles I came up with the perfect size I needed to make all these wonderful poufs! They are very sturdy and hold their shape very well. They can take it when a child wants to drag them all over the house because that is their favorite spot to sit.
To all crafters everywhere – think outside the box. That is what dreams are made of! Happy crafting J

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Big knit project!

Working on a big blanket with my new US 50. These are hand crafted from birch wood by Dana. Find her shop here. I am holding 3 strands of Lion Brand thick and quick together to make the stiches big enough. This blanket is going to be so soft and snuggly.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Biggest Crazy balls and Dog soap!

Sale on the biggest crazy ball - Grey

Dog soap is back!! I sold out at the craft fair a while ago and was just so busy with everything else. Now they are back and ready to srubba dub dub your dog to a fresh clean spring! I use this on Lucky and Hank and they love it! I love that it is so easy to use. Just grab a bar, your dog and add water. I really like how you don’t have to fumble with bottles and bath time goes much faster. Not to mention the great light sent that the bar leave is just wonderful! Lucky gets really dry skin so the oatmeal and goats milk just works wonders to help lock in the moisture and keep him flake free.  

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kelsey's Birthday!!

Kelsey's Blanket (more black)

This is Kelsey! She has been my best friend since Jr. High. Over the years we have gotten into so much trouble together.  We have also gotten each other out of trouble a few times. When Kelsey was in high school she had a car that did not have a working gas gauge. She called me every time she ran out of gas and we were not together.  On our way back from the movies one night I got pulled over for speeding… Kelsey saved my butt!! Turns out that the officer knew someone, who knew someone, that played on her softball team or something like that and because I was only going 5 over (I was slowing down for a curve in the road, Kelsey and I were late and didn’t want to be in more trouble, I am really happy he did not catch us on the hwy doing 80mph) he let me go with a warning. She has and will always be my bestest friend ever!!
  About the pic's:
The top pic is of Kelsey with the first blanket I have ever made in my life. While it brought joy in my heart to finally finish it (took me like 4-5 months) I wanted her to have it. A lot of crocheter and knitters keep the first item and look back on their first creations and see how far they have come. I am always looking forward. Also she and the blanket are just a phone call away :)
the middle pic is also of Kelsey and I have a blanket just like this one - Friendship Blankets! I was never really into the friendship bracelets - my wrists are really tiny and everything fell off. lol

My blanket (more red)


Friday, March 2, 2012

Cute baby slippers and boots!

Cable boots

Toddler/Child slippers

These baby shoes are so cute! The blue, green, and white pair is made out of a wonderfully soft bamboo acrylic blend. This makes them silky soft and machine washable (every parents dream). The pink and yellow pair is made from acrylic. This makes them more durable and also machine washable.
You can find the patterns on etsy. Click here for the Cable boots and click here for theToddler/Child slippers. Happy crafting to all!