Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kelsey's Birthday!!

Kelsey's Blanket (more black)

This is Kelsey! She has been my best friend since Jr. High. Over the years we have gotten into so much trouble together.  We have also gotten each other out of trouble a few times. When Kelsey was in high school she had a car that did not have a working gas gauge. She called me every time she ran out of gas and we were not together.  On our way back from the movies one night I got pulled over for speeding… Kelsey saved my butt!! Turns out that the officer knew someone, who knew someone, that played on her softball team or something like that and because I was only going 5 over (I was slowing down for a curve in the road, Kelsey and I were late and didn’t want to be in more trouble, I am really happy he did not catch us on the hwy doing 80mph) he let me go with a warning. She has and will always be my bestest friend ever!!
  About the pic's:
The top pic is of Kelsey with the first blanket I have ever made in my life. While it brought joy in my heart to finally finish it (took me like 4-5 months) I wanted her to have it. A lot of crocheter and knitters keep the first item and look back on their first creations and see how far they have come. I am always looking forward. Also she and the blanket are just a phone call away :)
the middle pic is also of Kelsey and I have a blanket just like this one - Friendship Blankets! I was never really into the friendship bracelets - my wrists are really tiny and everything fell off. lol

My blanket (more red)


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