Monday, January 30, 2012

Custom blankie

This is a super cute pic of baby Wyatte with the custom made blanket his mom (Alisha) won from the Simple mom's review Jessica did. It was made about a month ago but we were just waiting for him to come :)

The blanket was a design I came up with off the top of my head and will never be repeated making this an OOAK blanket - one of a kind. It is much bigger and should hold up to all the abuse a baby can give. Making it perfect to send with him to college lol

Pic taken by Alisha. Thanks for sharing!


  1. Yay!!!!

    P.S. I have to know where she got the pants!

  2. His hat and pants were done by Shy Violet.... she is on fb also but I bought them off bitty fluff on hyenacart! :) fav set!