Monday, February 6, 2012

Who me? Oh balls!

Happy Monday everyone! I made these pillows over the weekend. I saw ones like these on Etsy and decided to try it myself. I purchased the felt material at Jo-Anns for about $10 (it is made from recycled plastic water bottles - very cool) and printed off some letters on line (FYI... If I make anymore I will be using standard block letters - turns out I am not that great at sewing curves). I did a standard envelope pillow case so I could take it off for easy cleaning. Now after I sewed on the "WHO" I found it would be easier to glue the letters on before I sew them. With all the curves I kept poking myself with the straight pins. It only took a day to make these two. I also bought the pillow forms from Hobby Lobby one is 16x16 and the other is 24x24. I think the hardest part, other than the sewing, was cutting out all those letters. Good luck to anyone who wants to give this project a try. It was a lot of fun!!

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