Thursday, September 1, 2011

Super New Polar Fleece Pouf

I have never seen anything so cool!! I was just sitting there with my fleece blanket making one of my many new up and coming poufs (I just got a few new styles of yarn) when I said to Lucky wouldn't this blanket look really cool as a pouf? He looked at me and gave me one of his famous head tilts like he was thinking about it or maybe he thought I said "ice cream" lol who knows. Tempted to cut up the blanket right then in there, I waited till I was done with the pouf I was making. After looking online to help me find the best way to cut the fleece I went to the store and bought a color that made me think of my bestest friend (Kelsey) TIE DYE!!! After many attempts at size, lots of trial and error I finely got it! After working for 2 days with very little breaks I have this wonderful little guy to add to my collection. If you want to buy this one go here.

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