Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Long day...

Well today I had a nice long 10 hour day at work. We had some pretty bad storms last night into this morning and all I have to say is don't you just hate being woken up 20 min's before your alarm goes off? once I get back to sleep my alarm scares the heck out of me then I get off to kind of a slow start. For the rest of the day it just feels like I have to play catch up. On another note I was laying in bed last night thinking about my car (her name is November and she is a Grand Prix) when I saw this car commercial that has a car sliding over what appears to be ice and snow in a big open area. It got me thinking... when I slide over ice and snow it is never in a big open area. I would love to see a true to life car commercial where the car is sliding all over the highway and stops on a dime. now that would be true to life. that is the car I want to buy. No we did not get snow last night just a bunch of rain and really strong winds. sooo tired... must go to bed.

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